Fixed Deferred Annuities

GCU Fixed Deferred Annuities are a great choice if you need a short-term way to earn extra income or just want a solid way to build interest at a competitive rate. Many people use GCU Fixed Deferred Annuities like a CD* because they receive a better interest rate and enjoy more withdrawal flexibility.

One Plus Four Choice

The GCU One Plus Four Choice Deferred Annuity is a five-year investment product with a special feature: you may choose to surrender the contract during a 30-day window that begins on the first contract anniversary with no surrender charges. This makes it a great alternative to a one-year CD. This product can be issued at any age up to 121, and may be used for qualified (tax favored status) plans.

Triple Advantage

GCU’s Triple Advantage Deferred Annuity is a three-year investment product that offers a fixed rate of interest for the entire three years of the contract. Limited surrender-charge-free withdrawals are permitted in the second and third contract years. The Triple Advantage Annuity is available for ages 0-95, and may be used for qualified (tax favored status) plans.

Five Year Advantage

The GCU Five Year Advantage Deferred Annuity is a five-year investment product; however, surrender charge free withdrawals are available in each contract year. It has a guaranteed rate for the first two years and it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for a consistent interest rate over a shorter term. The Five Year Advantage is available for ages 0-88 and may also be used for qualified (tax favored status) plans.

Flex 8

The Flex 8 Deferred Annuity offers the highest current interest rate of any GCU Annuity. It is an eight-year investment product that does allow for limited surrender charge free withdrawals in each contract year. The Flex 8's interest rate is guaranteed for the first year and has the ability to respond to an increasing interest rate market in subsequent years. This product is available for ages 0-80 and may also be used for qualified (tax favored status) plans.

*Annuities are not insured by the FDIC and can carry an IRS penalty for distributions prior to age 59 1/2.

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