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GCU GoGive!

Let GCU Help You GoGive!

If you're a GCU member, our GoGive! seed money program can help you support causes you believe in, for the betterment of our shared community.

Are you involved with or have a passion for a particular charity? Have you noticed an unmet need in your neighborhood? Do you know a family who needs help with medical or other essential expenses? GCU GoGive! will get it started. GCU GoGive! is for community based fundraising or to assist with an organization doing good things in your community.

GCU will provide $250 seed money* to help get your project started, whether it's by organizing a team or hosting a project or event to help your cause. So get out there and go give with GCU GoGive!

Please Note: GCU GoGive! is not intended to assist a parish that can receive GCU Matching Funds.

GoGive! is Simple.

  1. Think about your cause and how you can help.
  2. Apply for GCU GoGive!
  3. Rally the troops! Recruit volunteers, friends, family and neighbors to join the cause.
  4. We'll give you a $250 GoGive! card. Use it to purchase supplies for the event.
  5. Spread the word and promote your event.
  6. Report back to us on your success. Take pictures to document your event and if you like, share on Facebook and social media to inspire other members using #GCUgogive!

*Your GCU GoGive! card cannot be used as a direct donation. 

Who's Eligible?

GCU members (age 16 & older) are eligible to organize two (2) GCU GoGive! projects per calendar year. You are a GCU member if you have a GCU life insurance or annuity product in your name.

Please note that GCU GoGive! grants cannot be used for events or projects that are eligible to receive funding from lodges or districts.

Please submit your GoGive! application at least four weeks before your event. All projects and events are subject to GCU approval.

Have You Already Held Your GoGive! Event?

Fill out the GCU GoGive! event report. 

Have a project in mind?

Apply for GCU GoGive!

Find a GCU Agent

When you talk with a GCU agent, they will work with you to put together a plan that fits your needs.

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