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When you are looking to become part of an organization, whether as a member or an agent, it's important to know they are financially healthy. GCU believes in regular reporting of its financials to  its members and agents.

GCU relies on Standard Analytical Service, Inc. to create an independent financial report and comparison based on statutory financial statements filed with state insurance departments. 

Standard Analytical Service, Inc. is independent of any insurance company or companies, and they do not sell any kind of insurance.

View GCU's 2022 Financial Report

View GCU's 2021 Financial Report

View GCU's 2022 Standard Analytical Report

View GCU's 2021 Standard Analytical Report

View GCU's 2020 Financial Report

View GCU's 2019 Financial Report

View GCU's 2018 Financial Report

View GCU's 2017 Financial Report

View GCU's 2016 Financial Report

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