GCU's Leaders

Executive Officers

Photo of George N. Juba

George N. Juba


Photo of Scott Schuetz

Scott Schuetz

Executive Vice President/COO

Photo of Tim Demetres

Tim Demetres

Chief Financial Officer

General Counsel

Photo of Attorney Theodore M. Trbovich

Attorney Theodore M. Trbovich

General Counsel

Board of Directors

Photo of Gregory N. Vladika

Gregory N. Vladika

National Director & Chairman of the Board

Photo of George A. Kofel

George A. Kofel

National Director, Vice-Chairman & Secretary to the Board

Photo of Melanie Basl

Melanie Basl

National Director

Photo of Lisa Gulibon

Lisa Gulibon

National Director

Photo of Michael W. Karaffa

Michael W. Karaffa

National Director

Photo of David A. Oleksa

David A. Oleksa

National Director

Photo of John W. Oslick

John W. Oslick

National Director

Photo of Attorney John J. Urban

Attorney John J. Urban

National Director

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