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Triple Advantage PLUS

Current New Issue Crediting Rate


Effective 2/01/2021 - 2/28/2021


Issue Ages: 0-95
Minimum Guaranteed Rate: 1.25%
Minimum Initial Deposit: $300
Maximum Initial Deposit: $200,000
Eligible for Qualified Plans: Yes
Withdrawal Provisions: Year Two = 10% of the contract value
Surrender Charges: 5%, 3%, 1%
Long Term Care Waiver: No
Terminal Illness Waiver: No

Your initial interest rate is guaranteed for all three years of the contract.

Additional Deposits permitted: 2

Death Benefit Waiver: No surrender charges will be imposed on the death benefits paid under this annuity contract.

Please note regarding benefits issued by Board Decree: while a specfic benefit may be discontinued in the future, once it is on a contract, it may not be removed. Only new contracts issued after the change of the decree would be affected.

1 Rate effective current month only

2 Please contact your agent or contact the GCU Home Office.

3 Subject to annual maximums. Maximums are subject to change.

Please note: Any interest or gain in the withdrawal will be subject to taxes and, if withdrawn prior to age 59 ½, may also be subject to a 10% early distribution penalty imposed by the IRS. By IRS mandate, interest is always distributed first.

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