Qualified Annuity Plans

When a plan is "qualified," it typically gives you the ability to either make tax-deductible contributions or enjoy tax-free earnings until you are ready to begin withdrawing. GCU offers you the ability to use our Fixed Deferred Annuities for a variety of qualified plans, including the ones listed below.

We believe this is more important now than ever, because of the climate of uncertainty currently surrounding the Social Security system. Today, many people are looking ahead to retirement and choosing to add qualified programs to their investment strategy to supplement Social Security. 

GCU currently offers you the ability to use our Fixed Deferred Annuities for:

You may open these investment products as brand new accounts or transfer funds from an existing annuity, CD, Money Market, or Investment Account that has already been established as a qualified account. GCU can also help you with the rollover of your 401K, 457, 403b, or other retirement account.

The following GCU Fixed Deferred Annuity contracts are eligible to be used for qualified accounts:

With recent changes to our tax laws, it’s clear that our legislators have finally realized that the full burden of retirement cannot be carried solely by Social Security. That's why at GCU, we believe in downplaying Social Security as a major source of future retirement income and favor additional vehicles such as annuities and IRAs. It's our view that adding these kinds of supplemental retirement benefits will bring you a more secure retirement. All signs point to new tax laws that will help make these types of savings even more meaningful.

As always, GCU encourages you to consult your tax professional regarding your eligibility to participate in qualified plans such as these, and where applicable, your ability to fully deduct permitted contributions. We will also gladly answer any questions you may have.

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