GCU Student Debt Program

The GCU Board of Directors, at its March 2018 meeting, approved a budget for a new Student Debt Relief program. The Board realizes that many of our young members complete their post secondary education with significant Student Debt. In an effort to address this issue, they have developed a program to assist GCU members with a portion of their Student Debt

Members that meet the programs requirements will be eligible for four (4) annual awards of $500 each. The awards will be paid over the course of four (4) years and require the applicants to apply annually to receive the award. 

Applicants must:

Applicants must complete the online form using the link below to submit their application. If membership requirements are approved they will receive an email requesting the additional supporting documentation.

The initial program budget approved by the GCU Board, provides for 100 awards which will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Awards will be made payable to the lending institution and mailed to the member to include with their monthly payment.