Due to the unprecedented Coronavirus outbreak, the GCU Home Office is taking extra precautions to protect its employees and members. We are currently not allowing any members or vendors physical access to the GCU Office Complex. We are still available via phone 800-722-4428 or email info@gcuusa.com during regular business hours.

GCU Member Benefits

Seven Oaks Usage

GCU members have the privilege of using Seven Oaks Country Club.

GCU Benefit Members* enjoy:

Benefit Members are entitled to three complimentary uses of the recreational facilities (golf, swimming, or tennis) per calendar year. Golfers must pay cart fees. Benefit Members are entitled to three additional uses of the golf facilities at prevailing rates. Swimming and tennis usage is restricted to three times each per calendar year.

Reservations are encouraged, please call 724-495-3300.

Non-member guests are welcome, but must be with a Benefit Member and pay respective fees.

*GCU adult members are required to maintain a minimum balance of $2,000.00 in an annuity or have a life insurance certificate with minimum $5,000.00 face amount, to utilize Seven Oaks Country Club privileges or to qualify to participate in a GCU subsidized sporting event held on a national level i.e. National Bowling Tournament, National Golf Tournament, etc.

All purchases and fees incurred must be paid at time of visit via a credit card or cash. Complimentary green, tennis and swimming fees are paid to Seven Oaks by the GCU as a fraternal benefit for its members.


How to get your Benefit Member Card.

A temporary card is issued the first time a GCU member wants to use the Seven Oaks facilities. Call 724-495-3400 ext. 3810 to request your temporary card. Temporary cards are mailed to your home and can then be presented at the front desk of Seven Oaks Country Club where your permanent photo card will be issued. Please call Seven Oaks at 724-495-3300 to schedule an appointment to take your photo and receive your permanent Benefit Member card.

For more information on club usage download the GCU Member Seven Oaks Usage Guidelines.