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Central Pittsburgh Regional Lodge

Pittsburgh, PA

  • St. John Chrysostom Church
    506 Saline Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15207
  • St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church
    1720 Jane Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
  • Saint Pius X Byzantine Catholic Church
    2336 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15210
  • John Niskach, President
  • Clay Cato, Vice President
  • Harry Bittner III, Secretary
  • John Gula, Treasurer
  • Patty Niskach, Fraternal Director
  • Barbara M. Wahal, Asst. Fraternal Director
  • Melanie Basl, Publicity Director
  • John Miller, Athletic Director
  • Thomas Oslick, Auditor
  • Patricia Kutzfara, Auditor
  • Kim Kolesar, St. John the Baptist Trustee
  • Karen Pavlick, St. John the Baptist Trustee
  • Beth Gulyasy, Saint Pius X Trustee

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