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Helping Hands Day at Mt. Saint Macrina-Uniontown, PA

August 14, 2019

On Saturday, June 1, 2019 members of GCU lodges in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area, along with parish-ioners from local Byzantine Catholic churches joined together to assist the Sisters of St. Basil in Uniontown, PA. The volunteers came together for Helping Hands Day at Mt. St. Macrina, to beautify the grounds of the monastery.

The day was under the direction of Sr. Joanne Lickvar with assistance from the GCU Fraternal Communica-tions Department. Following a brief prayer service, led by Provincial Sister Ruth Plante, everyone got to work. There was plenty to accomplish, both inside and out. Many headed outside to help clean up debris from the winter season and to plant flowers in the numerous flower beds spread throughout the property. There were trees to prune and additional areas to prepare for the many pilgrims that attend the annual Pilgrimage on Labor Day weekend. As Sister Ruth has stated, “the group accomplishes in one day what it would take the Sisters months to do.”

If you missed the chance to help on June 1, there will be an additional day of preparation for the Pilgrimage on Saturday, August 17 beginning at 9 AM—all are welcome. If you have questions or would like additional infor-mation, please email GCU Fraternal-Communications Director Basil Wahal at bwahal@GCUusa.com.