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GCU Invests in the Goodness of Education.

GCU believes that our young people will be tomorrow's leaders--the people who will carry our faith and traditions into the future. With our scholarship program, we invest in their education so they can give back when it's their turn.

2017-2018 GCU Scholarship Requirements

To be eligible for a GCU scholarship, the student must be a member of the GCU for at least five years (as of January 31, 2018) with either:

Membership requirements must be maintained throughout the application and award process in order to receive any scholarship award.

Online scholarship applications will be available October 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017.

Opportunities for College Students

The National Scholarship

The National Scholarship is a $1,500 award for members who:

Along with an online application, applicants must submit:

The Academic Performance Scholarship

The Academic Performance Scholarship is a $750.00 award for members who:

This award can be received a total of four times; does not have to be consecutive years.

Opportunity for High School Students

The Athletic Scholarship

The Athletic Scholarship is a $1,500 award for one male and one female member who:

Along with an online application, applicants must submit:

The GCU Bowling Scholarship

GCU Districts (and lodges without a district) are encouraged to hold annual Jr. Bowling Tournaments. One female and one male member in the age 16-18 category will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. A list of tournaments will be available in February and must be completed by May 31.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, each youth must:

Application & Notification Process

Required supporting documents for each scholarship are due January 31, 2018 and may be emailed to events@gcuusa.com.

Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt email for supporting documents. PLEASE DO NOT CALL.

The GCU Scholarship Committee will meet at the end of April 2018. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email in May 2018 informing them if they received a scholarship award.