Montage Mountain Ski/Snowboard/Tubing Event

Montage Mountain Ski/Snowboard/Tubing Event

Saturday, January 28, 2023

We will have ski/snowboard lift ticket and rentals for the entire day and snow tubing will be at 11:30 am for two hours. For more info. on Montage Mountain's ski resort, visit here.

There will also be a firepit/tent reserved at Midland, so everyone can get warmed up by the fire! For more info. on Midland at Montage Mountain, visit here.    

Ski and snowboard lift ticket and gear rental:

  • Members ages 16 and up: $75
  • Members under 16: $60
  • Non-members: $108

Snow tubing:

  • Members: $30 
  • Non-members: $40 

And if you get hungry...  Food certificates will be offered for $10 to purchase through the GCU and members will receive a $20 food certificate! Now, that is a deal for a meal.

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