Qualified Annuity Plans

With the uncertainty that surrounds the Social Security system; many people find it to their advantage to consider adding qualified programs to their investment strategy.  The various qualified programs that are available typically give the investor the ability to either make tax deductible contributions or enjoy tax free earnings.  GCU currently offers you the ability to use our deferred annuities for:

                       Traditional IRA’s                 Roth IRA’s                  Simplified Employee Pension plans (SEP)

                                  SIMPLE               Keogh                   TSA                   Pension Plan Rollovers

You have the ability to begin these as brand new accounts or transfer the funds from an existing annuity, CD, Money Market, or Investment Account that has already been established as a qualified account.  GCU can also help you with the rollover of your 401K, 457, 403b, or other retirement account.

The following GCU Annuity contracts are eligible to be used for qualified accounts:

                                                     One Plus Four        (more information)

                                                     Triple Advantage         (more information)

                                                     Five Year Advantage        (more information)

                                                     Flex 8       (more information)

With the recent changes in our tax laws, it’s evident that our legislators have finally realized that the pressure of retirement must be taken off of our Social Security System, and that it’s important to downplay Social Security’s role in planning for your retirement. We at the GCU have always maintained that wise retirement planning would utilize vehicles such as annuities and IRA’s to provide supplemental retirement benefits. The new tax laws will help to make this type of savings more meaningful.

As in all cases, GCU encourages you to consult your tax professional regarding your eligibility to participate in qualified plans such as these, and where applicable, your ability to fully deduct permitted contributions.