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Declaration of Candidacy & Resume for GCU Director

Director-GCU Board of Directors Qualifications Summary

As a member of the Board of Directors, a Director is responsible for the effective governance of the GCU.  Their main purpose is to advise, govern, set and oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of the GCU in support of its mission, strategic vision and core values.

Bylaw Requirements

As per Par.62 of the GCU Bylaws, All candidates for Director must submit a Declaration for Candidacy & Resume Form for Director together with a digital photograph and comply with the following qualifications:

(a)     A citizen of the United States of America.

(b)    A member of the GCU for a minimum of five (5) years as of January 1 of the election year.

(c)     A person of Slav origin who is a member of a Byzantine Catholic Church under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Ruthenian Church of Pittsburgh.

(d)    Of good moral character, reputation and good American spirit.

(e)     Any other qualifications set forth by the Directors in the Declaration of Candidacy & Resume Form for Director.

Qualifications as set forth by the Board of Directors per Par. 62 (e) are as follows:

Expectations of Board Members

Key Responsibilities

Members of the Board shall share these responsibilities while acting in the best interest of the GCU.  Each member is expected to make recommendations based on their profession, experience, expertise and vantage point in the community.

Meeting and Time Commitment


Directors are elected by the membership to a four-year term.

DOWNLOAD FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS (.pdf) to print, complete, and return via US Mail or completed forms may be scanned and emailed to gjuba@gcuusa.com