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Calling All Readers

West Homestead Borough, PA was fortunate to receive not one, but two Little Free Libraries this summer. The idea behind these little libraries is to promote reading. The concept came to fruition with the committee of Lynn Settelmaier-Nikolas, Andrea Harhai (President of GCU Lodge 2) and Jimmy Siniawski. The libraries can be purchased on the Little Free Library website, but Jim, a retired carpenter, volunteered to build one. Thanks to the GCU Go Give program, the money was used to purchase a portion of the supplies. Mrs. Virginia Mader graciously allowed the Library to be placed on the edge of her property at the corner of Pinewood & Edgewood Drives. As the residents gathered, they were in awe of Jim Siniawski’s professional work. It is appropriately named the Calhoun Library, since it was Jim Calhoun who developed the neighborhood. Neighbors brought books and filled the library immediately.
Due to the excitement of the project, Jim began work on a second library. It is located at the entrance to Calhoun Field and is named The Left Field Library. As you can see in the picture, the ballfield is replicated in his design.
Jim is currently working on a third Little Free Library to be placed near the local volunteer firehall.
Thanks to Lynn, Andrea and Jim, take a book/give a book is promoting reading in our neighborhood.