Due to the unprecedented Coronavirus outbreak, the GCU Home Office is taking extra precautions to protect its employees and members. We are currently not allowing any members or vendors physical access to the GCU Office Complex. We are still available via phone 800-722-4428 or email info@gcuusa.com during regular business hours.

2020 GCU Board of Directors Election

Board of Directors Election

With the approval of the GCU Referendum in April 2018, which eliminated the need for a National Convention, a new election process has been developed to elect the GCU Spiritual Advisor and the  ten (10) members of the GCU Board of Directors. The new election process will be used for the first time this year. Ballots will be mailed to all Adult GCU Benefit Members (18 years of age and older) on July 1, 2020. Members will have the ability to vote by mail or online, once they have received their ballot. Each vote carries the same weight and there is no proxy voting. Complete timeline for the election appears below.

2020 Board Election Timeline

January 2020—Declaration of Candidacy Form available on GCU Website

February 2020—GCU Board Election Announced in Magazine

April 2020—GCU Board Election Announced in Magazine

April 30, 2020—Declaration of Candidacy and supporting documents must be postmarked and sent to GCU Home Office for consideration and approval of Nominating Committee.

June 1, 2020—All applications, upon approval by Nominating Committee, will be submitted to Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

July 1, 2020—Ballots mailed to members

July 31, 2020—Balloting closes online; mailed ballots must be postmarked and returned.


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