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Author Finds Novel Way to Honor Late Father

Author Dan Churach, a GCU member living in Australia, recently published a children’s book in honor of and written by his late father Daniel G. Churach of Pottstown, PA. His father was longtime secretary of Lodge 69 in Pottstown. His son remembers many a Sunday afternoon spent in St. John the Baptist BC Church hall with Mr. Churach collecting GCU dues and sharing time with fellow GCU members. Born in 1920, the elder Mr. Churach would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2020 and his son thought this was an appropriate time to publish his father’s work.

The younger Mr. Churach shared this: “Dad wrote many short stories. I’ve had a hand-written copy of a children’s book that dad wrote, probably in the 1960s, though I have no exact date. For years I told my sister (Kathy Ozoroski, a GCU member from Feasterville, PA) that when I finally retired and had a bit of time, I’d organize dad’s book to finally be printed. I enlisted a friend Janice Wentworth, who volunteered her time doing the artwork for this and she has done a stellar job. Her artwork in “Donkey that Carried a King” will bring the story to life for so many youngsters.”

“The Donkey that Carried a King” was written by Daniel George Churach sometime during the 1960s. It's a children's book aimed at kids from 5 to 10 years old and is an appropriate story for parents to share with their younger children, especially during the holy season of Lent. The story is about a Palestinian boy, David, and his blind donkey, Tobias. He travels with his father into the nearby village of Bethany to sell dad’s olives for Passover celebrations. While there David, his dad and Tobias meet Jesus. Jesus is in need of a way to travel into Jerusalem on what we now refer to as Palm Sunday. You guessed it – Tobias winds up being the donkey Jesus rode on that fateful weekend and was rewarded with a miracle, the gift of his sight. It’s a beautiful story, teaches a few Biblical lessons and celebrates the Easter season. There are plenty of teaching opportunities throughout the book as Mr. Churach intersperses questions for the young readers to answer while listening to the story. If you are interested in a copy of the book, it is available online at

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