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SEPRL February News

February 2, 2021

Thank You Parishioners
On Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 20, St. John the Baptist BC Cathedral celebrated Liturgy and a Moleben, thanking parishioners for their support throughout this pandemic year. After the Moleben, St. Nicholas made an appearance with a gift for each of the children in attendance compliments of SEPRL.
Father Andrew Deskevich also gave each of the families present a prayer card of Pope Frances with a cross attached and an ornament with an icon inside.
The parishioners then drove under the portico at the Cathedral Center where they received a take-out dinner. The dinner included a homemade bun with fresh baked ham, cheese, homemade potato salad, applesauce and a homemade chocolate chip cookie and a candy cane cookie.

Spreading Joy to Others
SEPRL received a Fraternal Grant to provide Christmas packages to a group of disabled adults in an independent group residence. Lodge members assembled packages of food, candy, sanitizer, masks, games, cards, fruit and other activity items. The Home Office provided individual hand sanitizers and masks. When members arrived at the facility on December 22, they were greeted in the lobby by a group of excited folks. Everyone was introduced and the gift bags passed out as everyone visited. The residents were peeking into the bags and were encouraged to open their gifts. They were excited because a majority of the group does not have family and this would be their only gift. They wished lodge members a Merry Christmas before they left with many sincere thanks being shouted they walked out the door!

St. Nicholas Celebration
The annual St. Nicholas celebration was held on Sunday, December 6 at Ascension BC Church in Clairton. Father Ivan Mina greeted the children as they participated in a Jesse Tree program and then led the singing of Christmas Carols. After Liturgy the children presented everyone with a gold coin of chocolate in the spirit of giving. When Liturgy ended, St. Nicholas arrived with treats for all, as the children called him, singing “Oh Who Loves Nicholas the Saintly.”

Looking Ahead
Officers and auditors met after the holidays to complete transactions for 2020 and set up a tentative schedule for 2021. Everyone is looking forward to a new year with hopes of enjoying activities, fellowship and more volunteer opportunities together. The first quarter meeting is planned for March 7, 2021 at Ascension Hall at 12 noon.

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