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SEPRL August News

August 8, 2019

Helping Hands Day in Munahll
The SEPRL and St. John's Cathedral in Munhall set aside two days this year for Helping Hands volunteers to work their magic.
     The first event was held on Saturday, April 13 with Liturgy in the Cathedral followed by several parishioners and GCU members trimming hedges, weed whacking the grounds, cut-ting out dead ground cover, weeding flower beds, planting flowers and mowing the lawn.
     The second day Saturday, May 25 was a day for spreading topsoil, planting additional flower beds & planters, mulching, watering, and trimming the rest of the hedges and trees.
     Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped on one or both days. The grounds look amazing again this year.

Helping Hands Day in Clairton
Volunteers arrived early on Saturday morning June 1 for Helping Hands Day at Ascension Church in Clairton.
     The group split up with some working inside the church hall and the others working outside on the church grounds. Volunteers inside scrubbed tables & chairs from top to bottom, cleaned the baseboard heaters & large entryway and the conference room table & chairs were polished to a shine.
     Outside, a decision was made to remove overgrown shrubs, hedges and a large pine tree that had become a danger to the surrounding buildings during storms. A dumpster was available and by the end of the day, volunteers had it filled it to the top with trees, shrubs and branches. The result was an attrac-tive area that enhances the landscape and decreases outdoor maintenance tasks. Plans to remove stumps at the end of the summer will complete the outside project. A luncheon was prepared for every-one who volunteered as they relaxed and socialized discussing ideas for future projects.

Welcome Back
On Sunday, July 7 a luncheon to welcome back Father Ivan Mina to Ascension Byzantine Parish was held after Liturgy. Parishioners donated homemade food dishes for the buffet and joined in socializing and catching up with Father Ivan for a pleasant afternoon.

The next SEPRL meeting will be in Clairton at Ascension Byzantine Church on September 29, 2019 at 12 NOON.