Lodge News

Lodge 999 July News

July 3, 2019

Church & Hall Cleaning
On Saturday, March 30, lodge members gathered at St. Stephen Church to clean and prepare for the Paschal celebration. Cabinets were cleaned, pews polished and vacuuming done. During the Lenten fish fries, the church ran out of pirohi, so after cleaning, members went to the hall to help pinch a new batch.

Feeding the Poor
On Saturday, April 6, lodge members went to Andre House to prepare and serve food for the underprivileged. Over 400 meals of goulash and vegetables were served. This meant a lot of prep work for the members prior to serving the meal. Thank you to all the volunteers.

Mother’s Day Tea
We enjoyed the Mother’s Day tea, many ladies brought their grandchildren and children. We served finger sandwiches, desserts and of course tea, we even had entertainment from Anastasia who played the piano quite well (only 13 years old). While the ladies were eating, games were played with many chances to win. We also had a hat contest for the young crowd and the older crowd. Everyone seemed to walk away with a gift.

Laugh 4 Hope
What a great event!! We got there before the show started and set up a table of GCU trinkets and brochures. Fr Diodoro put some gift shop items out also. The comedians were funny and all enjoyed the humor. The proceeds went to new equipment and future housing for woman with pro-life health care issues. This will help to support mothers who choose to keep their babies.