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Lodge 697 July News

July 2, 2019

Sharing Our Cultural Traditions
On Saturday, April 6, people young and old alike joined together to learn the art of pysanky egg design. With approximately 25 people new to the tradition, it was a fun experience to share. All participants worked on the same design, but had the chance to choose different colors for dyeing. There were many different and beautiful variations of the same design. Throughout the class, you could hear those in attendance saying “I’ve always wondered how this was done” or “My grandparent/aunt/uncle always used to do these and I never knew how it was done. I’m so excited to learn how” and a personal favorite “I’ve had the supplies to do this for years but I never really knew what to do! I’m so excited to learn what to do now.”

The participants were guided through the process step by step as a group together. They were taught what each shape and symbol and color represented. Each particular pattern completed by the class included: symbols representing pine needles which represent youth and health, dots which represent stars and constellations, never ending lines which represent eternal life, and lastly an 8-pointed star which represents Christ. Some of the colors used throughout all the eggs done in the class were white which represents purity and rejoicing, yellow which represents perpetuation of the family, orange which represents endurance and everlasting sun, red which represents passion and ministry of the church, blue which represents good health and green which represents spring & hope.

All the participants went home with a beautiful egg and were treated to a great day of friendship and fellowship. Not only were the hours passed by working on their eggs, but also talking and getting to know each other over a lovely lunch provided by the lodge. A special thank you to the GCU for providing the Fraternal Grant needed to fund this wonderful day for our parish and community.