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Lodge News

Lodge 644 February News

February 6, 2020

Lodge 644 used GCU matching funds to improve the lighting in the ECF classrooms at the cultural center at St. Nicholas parish in Barberton. Also, there was enough money to purchase classroom furniture for the students. Over the years Lodge 644 has been supportive to the ECF program at St. Nicholas.

In December 2019, Lodge 644 members attended the annual Vilija (Holy Supper) dinner at the Slovak J. Club in Akron, OH. Lodge member Rick Schen decorated a Christmas tree adorned with glass and straw ornaments. The tree was also loaded with salonky. These are individually foil wrapped candy from Slovakia and Hungary with different fillings, like marzipan and banana. The Nativity of Our Lord icon was underneath the tree. The meal consisted of mushroom soup, fish, pirohy, bobalky, mashed potatoes, peas, apple, prunes, oplatky & honey. For dessert there were slices of poppy seed and nut roll. Each table had a carafe of wine. James Senderak and Paula Jean Yurko, members of St. Nicholas choir, led the attendees in singing Christmas carols. The Barberton Button Box orchestra played polkas and waltzes for dancing.

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