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Lodge 351 October News

October 12, 2021

Helping Hands Day
Lodge 351 again participated in the Helping Hands Day at St. Jude BC Church in Ernest, PA. Theresa Frederick, Stryker Little, Addy Little, Monica Kowalski and Patty Yamrick planted flowers at the St. Jude statue, as well as in planters in the back of the church. An interesting note is that a corn stalk has grown up among the flowers planted by the statue. There is one ear of corn waiting to be picked. No one is sure how this corn stalk ended up among our flowers, but it added to the overall beauty. Campbell and Son Lawncare LLC was on hand to help with some of the more difficult planting jobs. Andy, Bethany, and Cosby Campbell worked to plant four hydrangea plants at the Ernest Veteran’s Memorial located on the parish grounds. Campbell and Son donated their efforts in honor of the veterans, leaving some extra money that was used to buy additional plants and flowers for St. Jude’s. We hope that God sends some special blessings down on Campbell and Son for their generosity.

Love Basket Program
During the month of July, Lodge 351 participated in the Love Basket program. It is sponsored by the local churches in Indiana County to collect non-perishable food items to assist when food sources become low at local food banks. The collection was held in June and July. This year the lodge collected more items that usual. The items were delivered on Sunday, July 25, 2021. Stryker, Addy, Zoe & Isabelle Little and Monica Kowalski were on hand to help with the delivery.

Ernest Miner’s Memorial
Lodge 351 completed the Community Matching Funds for the rendering of the Ernest Miners’ Memorial. The $2,000.00 raised will cover the costs of the rendering. Lodge 351 is very grateful to all those who contributed to this fundraiser. A committee was formed earlier in the year and they are working with Barb Hauge from UpStreet Architect’s of Indiana, PA to complete finishing touches to the rendering. The committee: Kate Little; Sandra Waldenville, mayor of Ernest; Mark Broskin, the administrator of the Ernest Mine Site on Facebook, and Monica Kowalski, has been meeting regularly to develop the plans. The project received approval by the Ernest Borough Council, and the Ernest Miners’ Memorial will be located at the Old Mine Office Site in Ernest, PA. Once the plans are completed, the committee is looking toward pursuing additional grant funding that is available to complete the memorial site. Katie Little is spearheading this project, and members of Lodge 351 thank her for coordinating the meetings.

First Confession & Communion
On April 4, 2021, Easter Sunday, Addaleine Little, one of the young members of Lodge 351, received her first confession and communion at St. Jude BC Church in Ernest. Father Vasyl Kadar, administrator at St. Jude, held a beautiful Divine Liturgy for this special Easter Sunday for Addaleine. She is the daughter of Christopher & Kathryn Little, and sister to Stryker, Zoe and Isabelle. God Bless Addaleine with many blessed years as she grows in holiness.

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