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Lodge 351 April News

April 5, 2021

Thank You from the Ukraine
In January 2021, Lodge 351 received a thank you from Father Ivan Zhuk and the religious community of St. Nicholas who run the House Orphan, The House of Mercy for orphans in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. The Matching Funds grant for this project was used to help in the construction of the building for the orphanage. Father Zhuk updates the progress of the construction on the House Orphan Facebook Page.

Donations Given
Lodge 351 has been busy during the winter months. During the month of February, clothing that was collected during December was taken to St. Vincent de Paul in Indiana. Donated non-perishable food items were delivered to the food bank that is run by Creekside United Methodist Church in Creekside, PA.

Patriot Challenge
Team Leadfoot again was organized by Kate Little to participate in the Patriot Challenge sponsored by the Gallant Few. The team consisted of Chris Little, Kate Little, Stryker Little, Theresa Frederick, Amy Bronzi, Andrea Elmore and Patty Yamrick. This year the team walked, ran, hiked, did aerobic exercise, biked etc. for a total of 794 miles in the month of February. This was above the 565 miles that were required. Five members of the team logged over 100 miles each with Amy and Andrea (walking in sunny California) both logging over 150 miles each, qualifying each of them for a Bronze medal. Team members walked where they lived and worked. This year’s team members logged their individual miles in Maryland, Pennsylvania, California and somewhere cruising in the Pacific Ocean. Kate Little braved the winter cold as she walked in Indiana, PA and Patty Yamrick convinced Addy Little (not a member of the team) to take a walk at Blue Spruce Park near Ernest, PA on a brisk cold Sunday afternoon.
While they exercised, Team Leadfoot also raised $1,542 during the month. It will be matched through a GCU Community Matching Funds grant, so Lodge 351 and the GCU will be donating a total of $3,084 for the Patriot Challenge 2021. The Gallant Few provides services for veterans as they transition back into the civilian life. Lodge 351 is a proud supporter of ther military and extremely excited that last year’s fundraising efforts were surpassed—way to go Team Leadfoot. Next year, maybe we will log more miles, have a bigger team and raise even more money.

Father/Son Excursion
After several years of hiatus the Father/Son excursion was revived during the month of February. This year a winter camping trip to Cook Forest State Park was planned for February 13-14, 2021. John Kowalski, Stryker Little, Nicholas Kowalski, Dustin Fleming and Uriah Fleming were the participants of the venture into Pennsylvania Wilds. It was cold, there was snow, but it did not hold them back. They had a great time in the beautiful Cook Forest area camping, building campfires and enjoying nature. There is no better time to enjoy God’s beautiful world than being outdoors in Pennsylvania during the month of February or any other month for that matter.

Looking Forward
Looking forward to spring and summer, Lodge 351 is planning activities that will keep everyone safe during COVID-19, as well as help members to be more charitable in the community and churches. Helping Hands is just around the corner and Theresa Frederick is getting ready to replace the pachysandra at St. Jude’s Byzantine Catholic Church in Ernest, PA, that dried up during the drought this past summer.

Monica Kowalski and Katie Little holding the thank you received from Father Zhuk.
Addy, Zoe, Stryker and Isabelle Little with items collected for the food and clothing drive.
Nick Kowalski and Stryker Little at Cook Forest.
Patriot Challenge participants Katie and Stryker Little.
Katie Little walking in Indiana, PA for the Patriot Challenge.
Patriot Challenge participants Patty Yamrick and Addy Little.

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