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Lodge 268 April News

April 5, 2021

Donation Made to Bay Six Project
Lodge 268 purchased two bicycles and two helmets for the Bay Six Wheels 2021 to help underprivileged kids get a bike, skateboard or a scooter. The Bay Six Project is a nonprofit that according to its Facebook page, works to build up, to love and to connect with the community through meeting basic needs.

“We are always looking to find a new way to help make the lives of those in the community better. We aren’t just a charity, but rather an organization that wants to help instill value in those of our community. It is especially true during this unprecedented time, such as the COVID- 19 pandemic that we are currently in the midst of,” said Bobby Westlake president and founder of Bay Six.
“Hopefully, we can make the spring and summer of 2021 memorable for more than just living through a pandemic,” Westlake added. He is very grateful to the GCU for helping support the project.

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