Lodge News

Lodge 17 April News

April 9, 2019

Community Checks Presented
Community Matching Funds checks were presented to Jeanie Sluck, program director at the Taylor Community Library; to Amy Everetts, the development director at the Women’s Resource Center and to Sue Yurkanin, the executive assistant at the Keystone Mission. They were very appreciative of the generous donations.

Parish Expansion
Lodge 17 assisted the parishioners at St. John Byzantine Catholic Church in Scranton, PA with their Lenten Homemade Piroghi sale. This was a Parish Expansion Matching Funds event. There are Lodge 17 members who belong to the parish and help in the kitchen.

Ham Bingo
St. Nicholas Church held their Matching Funds Ham Bingo on April 7. Hams were awarded as prizes instead of cash. This event included bingo, kitchen goodies of homemade pizza, haluski and baked goods along with several other fundraising activities. A full report will appear in the June issue.

Happy Easter!