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Lodge 15 April News

April 5, 2021

Our sincere greetings to all of our brothers and sisters in this glorious New Year 2021—it is with exuberance and delight, we wave "goodbye" to 2020! This has been an enduring year of anxiety, pain and sorrow due to the COVID-19 pandemic, societal unrest and a harsher winter than years past. As we are now in the Lenten season, we certainly have more reason to reflect in prayer and thanksgiving to the Lord for guiding us into an encouraging and recovering period. With Spring approaching comes a rebirth of nature and our spirit.

Welcome new parishioners to St. Nicholas
The harsh, snowy winter is thankfully behind us and it certainly made up for the past milder ones! The picture of Lodge 15 Chaplain Fr. Yuriy Oros with his wife Katerina and adorable daughter Margarita exemplifies how some passed their time with the abundance of fallen snow. Fr.Yuriy remarked at the end of Liturgy one Sunday that he had spent some enjoyable time with the family in building a good size Snowman and that his daughter looked up at him and said, "Why can't we build a Snowwoman?" So, after that precious inquiry, as a loving father he agreed and the family set out the following day to not only erect a "Snowwoman" but also a "Snowchild !!" With that, Fr. Yuriy announced that along with the picture, a new family has since joined the St. Nicholas parish. Well done and thanks for sharing.

Bakeless Bakesale Matching Funds 
Always being the intent of Lodge 15 was to continue with fraternal activities even during this past year, which has curtailed much of our usual gatherings and sociability. Marcy Embley, fraternal activities director suggested to the officers and members that it would be an appropriate time to conduct a "Bakeless Bake Sale" Matching Funds project. Being that this type of project precludes the necessity of close physical gathering, it was eagerly approved by all. It was decided that the funds derived would be donated equally to St. Mary of the Assumption BCC in Trenton and to St. Nicholas BCC in Roebling, NJ.

Marcy has successfully conducted this type of fundraiser before and therefore immediately initiated the necessary application forms with GCU Home Office staff. The GU Fraternal Department is always accessible willing to assist and support these projects! This process started in November with the preparation of flyers announcing the fundraiser and a cover letter to be mailed to all lodge members in early December. Unfortunately, coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and weather conditions, the USPS was having delivery difficulties and many of our members did not receive the mailing which was certainly hindering the anticipated successful results. Lodge President Greg Embley, along with Marcy and other officers, decided to approach the Home Office staff and appeal to have another mailing sent. The new year had begun and the fundraiser had shown little results. The Fraternal Department complied with their request of a remailing. With these efforts and added support, the Matching Funds project reached successful fruition with $1,500.00 being collected matched by GCU for another $1,500.00, for a total of $3,000.00. Pictured before the icon screen of St. Mary Church, is Lodge President Gregory Embley and an overjoyed Pastor Fr. Yuriy Oros, shown receiving the two $1,500.00 donations to be used for parish purposes at St. Mary and St. Nicholas Churches. The lodge officers are most appreciative and sincerely grateful for the remarkable generosity of the membership, fellow parishioners and friends shown through this charitable appeal.

With the COVID-19 pandemic governing much of our daily activity, we're limited in meeting and planning and therefore, the scheduling of lodge meetings is still pending.

Christ Is Risen! Christos Voskrese!
Indeed He Is Risen! Voistinnu Voskrese!

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