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Lodge 10 July News

July 18, 2018

On Friday & Saturday, June 22-23, St. George Byzantine Catholic Church hosted the 2nd Annual Flea Market, Bake Sale & Haluski Sale. St. George parishioners cleaned out their closets and attics to donate all types of treasures to help raise funds for the church. Joann Hersh and her crew spent days organizing and pricing hundreds of items for the sale. Parishioners also donated a variety of baked goods, including poppy seed cake, pies and cookies. GCU Lodge 10 members, including President Kathy Kapaldo, Mary Elizabeth Olack, Diane Ketterer, Mary Ann Popovich and Mary Dickey, spent a morning preparing potato dumpling haluski to sell.

At the conclusion of the weekend sale, St. George Church realized a profit of over $2,000.00.

On Saturday, July 28th, GCU Lodge 10 with cooperation from GCU District 15 had a midsummer bingo party at the Sisters of St. Joseph's Mother House in Baden, PA. In attendance were 10 members of Lodge 10 and 32 retired nuns from the Sisters of St. Joseph Mother house who have been located in Baden since 1901. The sisters have been active members of the community as foster parents, teachers, nurses, counselors and missionaries. With a GCU grant procured by District 15, we were able to purchase bingo prizes, lottery tickets (a big favorite of the sisters), yummy cake and ice cream. We also had give-a-ways from the GCU including ink pens and eyeglass cleaner. Sister Patty mentioned that we had more participants for our bingo then she has for her Thursday evenings. Past GCU District 15's President Sarah Lebanik has a younger sister, Sister Marguerite who is also a member of their community. District 15 members have been visiting with the sisters every winter for a bingo party and Lodge 10 members have enjoyed the parties so much we decided to also visit with the sisters who are so very appreciative of having visitors and our members enjoy visiting with the sisters.