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Lode 351 July News

July 2, 2019

Indiana County Decathlon
Lodge 351 and the GCU were sponsors of the Indiana County Decathlon that ran from February 9, 2019 through June 1, 2019. This year included a variety of many unique and informative walks.
Dr. Kevin Patrick, a professor from IUP led an Architecture Walk in Downtown Indiana. The Ernest Coal Walk and the Clymer Coal Walk included the history of the immigrants from Eastern Europe and the impact of the coal industry in a small town. James Klyap a retired history teacher and local Clymer historian, John Busovicki relayed the hardships encountered in the towns as well as how the immigrants contributed to the local communities. In May, Artist Hand Gallery owner, Brian Jones and musician Lynne Jones led a lively walk of art and music through the streets of Indiana. Then in May, walkers were given a tour of St. Bernard’s Cemetery led by Dr. Stacey Patrick, a professor from IUP. The walk included explanations of the history of the tombstones, symbolism of the grave makers, as well as learning to read and understand how cemeteries can bring to life the history of a community.
For the nature lovers, a Black Bear Walk with Game Warden, Chris Reidmiller brought the habitat of the black bears in Pennsylvania up close and personal with his lively talk. For bird watchers, The Todd Bird Club introduced participants to the migrating waterfowl at Yellow Creek Lake. There seemed to be a walk for everyone this year including nature, family fitness, yoga and walking with a nutritionist.
This is the 3rd annual Decathlon that Lodge 351 has participated in as one of the sponsors. This is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors during the winter and spring months. Barb Hauge is the Director of the Program and Josh Krug of Indiana County Planning and Development is the liaison from the county. They work with a committee of community members to develop the walks. Lodge 351 was happy to support this program.