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October 12, 2021

It has been a beautiful summer (a little rainy at times), but now it is time for Mother Nature to show off. All the splendor of colors for the fall foliage will soon adorn all the hilltops and mountains. If you get a chance, take a road trip and enjoy the many splendid colors, because after that everything will be barren and ready for winter! (Ugh)

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage
Congratulations are extended to the Kasarda and Shemansky families for their celebrations of 50 years of marriage on July 31, 2021. Entire stories appear on page 11 in the October GCU Magazine. May God bless and grant them many many more years.

Bowling League Update
The GHRL bowling league was prepared to start on Wednesday, September 1, but Mother Nature had other ideas. The area was surprised with over 5 inches of rain and damaging winds pushing back the start of the season to September 8. Hopefully, instead of only getting nine weeks of bowling as happened last year, the league will get the entire scheduled 30 weeks of bowling in this season.

Helping Hands
On Saturday, October 9 volunteers headed down to Holy Annunciation Monastery for the fall Helping Hands Day. Liturgy was at 8 AM and work continued from 9 AM to 12 PM. Thanks to all that came out and helped in the fall cleanup.

Looking Ahead
A new craze locally is axe throwing. A few GHRL bowlers took part in this new adventure and said it was very relaxing and they had a great time. Maybe it will be one way of getting rid of your frustrations. The lodge will perhaps consider an outing for this activity in the future.

Questions about bus trips and other activities continue to be asked Some of the places that GHRL usually visits are not open as of yet or are currently not accepting bus trips. There are still many who are hesitant about traveling to certain destinations because of the COVID-19 variants. GRL will keep everyone up to date as everything slowly returns to a little more normalcy. One of the trips being planned is to Sight and Sound Theater to see "David" next year. More information will follow after discussions with the theater, dinner reservations and bus company. A lot of the places continued to be marked as TBD.

Save the date, Sunday, December 12—planning continues for the St. Nicholas Dinner at Capriotti's Restaurant. Although tentative at the moment, changes will be published as they become available.
Do not forget, that Thursday, November 11 is Veterans Day. If you happen to know or see a veteran, give them a salute and thank them for their service for our great country.

Here is wishing all of the GCU members a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless all with good health, friendship and hopefully the end of this dreaded pandemic. Please give thanks to all who have helped get the country through these difficult times and keep in your prayers and thoughts those who have been devastated by the pandemic and natural disasters through this past year.

As always, I try to keep everyone updated on the GHRL list of activities. If you are computer savvy, check out the GCU website for updates. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 570-454-4869 or email me at agnesr@ptd.net.
Until next time, take care and may God bless.

Agnes Rohrbach | Secretary & Activities Director

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