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August 5, 2021

One of the adventures of living in Pennsylvania is waiting to see what Mother Nature has in store. Currently, all of the valleys and mountains are a lustrous green, the flowers are blooming, but not too far in the distance another season will be upon.

Helping Hands Day
Saturday, June 5 was Helping Hands Day at St. John BC Church in Hazleton. It was time to get the church refreshed and cleaned!

With rags and spray bottles of Murphy's Oil Soap in hand, it was time to give the church pews a good cleaning. It was amazing to see the volume of dirt that was taken off the pews.

With a cleaning crew of 5 people, a lot of work was accomplished in a short period of time. All the pews, the Iconostas Screen and the windows & woodwork were cleaned as well as the church door windows.

Thank you to the GCU Home Office for the Fraternal Grant, t-shirts and hand sanitizer.

Bowling League
The GHRL bowling league will be starting this year on Wednesday, September 1. A preseasaon meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 22 at Bowl-Arena at 2 PM to review the schedule for the year and a small no-tap tournament among the bowlers is planned. Hopefully, the league will get to bowl the entire season this year.

Lottery Calendars
The lottery calendars for the month of September are really a big hit! The benefactors from this Matching Funds project will be Catholic Social Services and the Beaver Meadows Food Pantry. Thanks to all the volunteers for selling the tickets—you are all appreciated for doing all you can with the pandemic circumstances.

Fall Helping Hands Day
On Saturday, October 9 GHRL volunteers will be heading down to Holy Annunciation Monastery for the fall Helping Hands Day. Liturgy will be at 8 AM and work will be from 9 AM to 12 NOON. Come join the lodge and help in this fall cleanup at the monastery. The more hands helping, the more that can be done.

Quarterly Meeting
Sunday, October 10, a quarterly meeting is scheduled for 1 PM at St. John's BC Church Hall. Participants will review the happenings for the last year and hopefully a tentative schedule for 2022 will be ready. Election of officers will also take place. If mandates are put back by the state, these will be followed at the meeting.

Looking Ahead
Members have been asking about bus trips and other activities, some of the places that GHRL usually goes are not open as of yet, or not accepting buses. Officers are still a little hesitant about having some of the trips to certain places because of the variants of the COVID. I will keep everyone up to date as soon as everything gets back to normal. One of the trips being worked on is to Sight and Sound Theater to see "David" next year. Additional will follow in the next GCU Magazine. The current plan is to do the trip during the week instead of on a weekend.
Save the date, Sunday, December 12—GHRL is (hopefully) planning on having the St. Nicholas Dinner at Capriotti's.

Keep in your prayers all that have been in some sort of devastation, the COVID volunteers and medical professionals and also all that have lost their homes or lives due to some type of disaster!

As always, I will try to keep everyone updated on a list of activities, if you are computer savvy check out the GCU website for updates. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call: 570-454-4869 or e-mail: agnesr@ptd.net.

Until next time, take care and May God Bless.

Pictured above is John Kasarda, Agnes Rohrbach, Monica Washko, Anita Keselicka and Mark Kokinda.

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