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GHRL April News

April 10, 2019

It is suppose to be Spring outside, but it feels more like a winter day, the winds are howling and there is more snow as well. Not a Robin in sight—so maybe it is still winter, hopefully it gets warm soon. It would be nice to see flowers pushing through the ground and Mother Nature preparing for Summer.

Pre-Lenten Bus Trip
The GHRL annual Pre-Lenten bus trip to Sands Casino, was held on Sunday, February 24 with a total of 51 people on board. As usual, refreshments were served, a 50/50 fundraiser was held and door prizes were awarded. This bus trip is a success, with many of the people also going to shop at the outlets.

Thank You!
Much thanks to all who help and participate in all of the GHRL events. The lodge earned a total of 24 points for the Lodge Compliance Awards project that the Home Office had for the year in 2018. The lodge is especially grateful for the additional funds it received. It is a great team effort—thanks again to all who help in whatever way they can.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bowling Event
The lodge sponsored a bowling team on March 30 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters--(Rick Hoppey, Al & Judy Kringer, Claire Lorince and Agnes Rohrbach). It is always great to support a worthwhile organization that helps children.

Condolences to the family of Walter Dorzinsky of District 5 who went to be with the Lord. He was a regular participant at local and national bowling and golf tournaments. Blessed repose and eternal memory.

The GHRL will be earning Parish Matching Funds in the month of June for St. John BC Church in Hazleton renovation work. Please give your support to this project; and thanks to all who helped support the April Community Matching Funds event.
Since there is not another issue before Mother's Day—please remember to keep all mothers (both living and deceased) in your prayers and thoughts. Also take a moment on Memorial Day to remember our fallen heroes, say a prayer for them, their sacrifices helped to keep our country free and safe.

As always, remember that dates are subject to change. If you are unsure about a meeting or an event, please feel free to call 570-454-4869, or if you are computer savvy, check out the GCU website for updates or new postings.

Hope all GCU members have a very Blessed and Happy Easter. Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Until, next time, take care and May God Bless!

In the above photo is Rick Hoppey, Judy & Al Kringer, Claire Lorince and Agnes Rohrbach at the Big Brothers/Big Sisters bowling event.