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April 5, 2021

After a cold and snowy January and February, hopefully the season of spring is upon us and maybe we can finally enjoy some of the splendor of the months ahead!
Even though the COVID-19 vaccine is available to a lot of people in certain age categories, please take all necessary precautions, there are lot of variants around.
Remember Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stay Healthy! Wear your masks to protect others and yourself and always wash your hands! A little bit of safety can help along the way!

Successful Events
Most of our activities have not been held; but the Lottery Calendar for the month of April was a success. Thanks to all who took the time and effort to sell the calendars. St. Michael BC Church in McAdoo, PA had a lenten food fundraiser on the 19th of March as a parish fund raiser for church expenses and GHRL assisted with Parish Matching Funds from GCU.

In Sympathy
Our deepest condolences to Deacon Larry & Dorothy Ann Foran and their family members. Deacon Larry's mother Clara entered eternal life on Wednesday, March 17 at the age of 99. Blessed repose and eternal memory.

Sending Prayers
If your church is open for prayer, stop by and take the time out to say a prayer for everyone (especially all the EMT's, nurses, doctors and all healthcare professionals) and all the living and deceased that were subject to this virus. May God Bless us all!
Since there is not another magazine in time for Mother's Day, please remember to keep all Mothers (both living and deceased) in your prayers and thoughts. On Memorial Day remember to say a prayer for all our fallen heroes and all emergency personnel that helped throughout the pandemic, their sacrifices helped to keep our country safe and free.

Joseph Durkay Memorial Holupki Open Canceled for 2021
Due to the seriousness of the pandemic and all of the variants that are developing from this virus, GHRL has made a decision not to have the "Joseph Durkay Memorial Holupki Open" this July. In speaking to a few golfers and getting their thoughts they seemed as though it would be a good idea not to hold the tournament this year.

As always, I will try to keep everyone updated on a list of activities, but if you are computer savvy, check out the GCU website for updates. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Agnes at 570-454-4869 or e-mail: agnesr@ptd.net.

GHRL hopes all GCU members had a very Blessed and Happy Easter. At least this year we were able to attend Liturgies and services at the various churches. Christ is Risen, Indeed He is Risen!
Until next time, take care and May God Bless.

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