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District 15 April News

April 3, 2019

January, February and March were busy months for District 15 members. The district hosted its Children’s Christmas Party at the Main Event in Robinson Township, PA; the annual After Christmas Party for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Baden, PA; the Jr. Bowling Tournament at Baden Bowl; and the Adult No-Tap Bowling Tournament in Aliquippa, PA. Participation in District 15 events continues to increase every year.

Junior Bowling Tournament
The annual District 15 GCU Junior Bowling Tournament was held at Baden Lanes on Sunday, March 10th• The kids had a great time and we appreciated the extra help from Helen Musko and Tracy Popovich. The 14 bowlers ranged in age from 4 to 16. The event began with a lunch of pizza, pop, cookies and veggies being served to them and their parents and grandparents before the bowling.
After bowling, the youngsters received participation medals fashioned like the Olympics and a gift card to Chick-Filet from the District and a variety of giveaways provided by the GCU Home Office.
Leading the scoring for the juniors were the Allaman brothers with Ethan bowling a high single of 268 and a triple series of 592 and Ryan had a 224 single and a 567 triple series.
Congratulations to all the bowlers and thanks to the GCU for making this event possible, fun and free of charge to all the participants.

Adult No-Tap Bowling Classic
The annual No-Tap Bowling Classic was held Saturday, March 23. Many thanks to Janet Uram, Janet Stetzer, Mary Elizabeth Olack and Dorothy Peterson for their help at this event. The women’s actual winners were: 1st-Katie Kuzma, 2nd-Melanie Basl, 3rd-Christine Bero and 4th-Martha Seech. The women’s handicap winners were: 1st-Rose Bero, 2nd-Mary Elizazbeth Olack, 3rd-Cindy Thomas and 4th-Kathy Kapaldo. The men’s actual winners were: 1st-Frank Harbist and 2nd-Bud Miller with Dan Butchko-1st and Eric Holley-2nd winning in the handicap event.
Katie Kuzma, Dan Butchko and Bud Miller bowled no-tap 300 games. Father and daughter, Brian & Delaney Stengel, took home prizes, too. Let’s just say they need to practice… a LOT more, before next year’s event.
Many thanks to Bill Uram and Paul Lebanik for organizing both the Jr. and No-Tap bowling events.

Senior Award
Alexa Stengel received the District 15 Senior Award during a presentation at Seven Oaks on Saturday, March 23. Alexa is the daughter of Brian and Sandy Stengel and the granddaughter of Dorothy Peterson, all members of Lodge 10. Alexa, a senior at Seneca Valley High School, worked with the Magee Women’s Cancer Center for her senior project of collecting personal care items for cancer patients. Rebecca Beers, Alexa’s Honors American Literature teacher wrote: Alexa is a very compassionate and caring person who genuinely wants the best for others…she ‘invests in the goodness of the community.’ Alexa plans to major in business, but she hasn’t decided which university she will attend. District 15 is happy to help Alexa work toward her goals and wishes her continued success.