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January 22, 2019

Christmas Choir Concert and Luncheon Event Resumes in Detroit’s Greektown
A memorable afternoon of merriment and song, invoking the holiday spirit in young and old, resumed in District 11. The very popular Christmas Choir Concert & Luncheon Event in Detroit’s Greektown returned to resounding success.

On Sunday, December 9, 2018, GCU District 11 members and guests enjoyed an authentic Greek luncheon at Pegasus Taverna in downtown Detroit’s Greektown area.

Following lunch, the group crossed the street for an inspiring Christmas concert by the Detroit Concert Choir at beautiful, historic Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Some attendees extended the afternoon event back across the street at the Greektown Casino.

District 11 President Gary Mozuras summed up the experience positively by commenting, “Enjoyed excellent service and food at the restaurant, reserved seating at the concert. The church is beautiful. The choir was excellent. The weather was good. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. It is a very nice afternoon.”