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Fall Helping Hands Day at Holy Annunciation Monastery-Sugarloaf, PA

August 14, 2019

Fall Helping Hands Day
On Saturday, October 26 it was time to help get Holy Annunciation Monastery and its grounds ready for the winter.

Liturgy was celebrated at 8 AM by Fr. Scott Boghosian, then it was time to get to work—of course there is always plenty to do. There were volunteers from District 5, GHRL and some new faces this time around. All in all about 30 people came out to help.

The grass received its final mowing for the year, there were perennials to be pulled out of the ground, cutting back of the peonies, some raking of the property grounds, tree branches that were damaged by storms were cut off and all of the grounds received a sprucing up.

For volunteers unable to work outside, there is always the boxes to be made for the bake sales and this year it was time to sort out the good walnuts from the broken pieces for the baked goods.

As always, there is a fresh pot of coffee waiting for the help along with homemade cookies.

Hegumena Marija thanked everyone for coming and said the meal prayer. The group sang God Grant Her Many Years and offered prayers for her and the Sisters at the Monastery.

Lunch included spaghetti & meat balls, garlic bread, Klondike Ice Cream bars and refreshments.
Presentations were made to Hegumena Marija by GHRL, District 5, various lodges and individuals.
Thanks once again to all who came—all are welcome for the Spring Helping Hands Day on Saturday, June 6, 2020.