Option A Annuity

Complete Liquidity with a competitive interest rate!

Current New Issue Crediting Rate: 1.00%1

Issue Ages: No age restrictions Minimum Guaranteed Rate: 1.0%
Minimum Initial Deposit: $5,000 Maximum Initial Deposit: 2
Initial Rate Guarantee Period Current calendar month Eligible for Qualified Plans: No
Additional Deposits are NOT permitted.

Must agree to direct deposit of interest for the contract to be issued.

Contract term: The GCU Option A account has NO expiration or maturity date. Once opened, it may remain in force year after year provided that the account is not drawn below the $5,000 minimum balance.

Your initial interest rate: is guaranteed for the balance of the month in which the contract is issued, and may change on a calendar month to month basis as declared by GCU, but is guaranteed to NEVER be less than declared guaranteed minimum rate. Each month's subsequent interest rate will be declared new issue crediting rate for the GCU Option A contract.

Interest Earnings: While you may elect to have your interest direct deposited on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, the account must distribute all accumulated interest at the end of each contract year. A 1099-I will only be issued for interest that is distributed in the calendar year. Because this contract does not provide for tax deferred accumulation, there is NO early distribution penalty for annuitants under age 59½. You may also elect via form W4P to have GCU withhold taxes from any interest distribution.

Withdrawal provisions: This contract is 100% liquid from day one, and may be completely surrendered at any time WITHOUT a surrender charge! You may also make partial withdrawals at any time. The minimum withdrawal is $50.00; however, any withdrawal that results in a remaining balance of less than $5,000 will require the account to be closed with a distribution of the remaining funds.

A Fraternal Benefit Society
5400 Tuscarawas Road,
Beaver, PA 15009

1 Rate effective .
2 Please contact your agent or contact the GCU Home Office.